Niagara on the Lake Palliative Care Services
    • Our community-based organization offers seriously-ill residents of Niagara-on-the-Lake and their families/caregivers a variety of Palliative care services that include:
      • Specially Trained visiting volunteers who provide emotional support, respite care, companionship and compassionate listening
      • A lending library of books, DVD’s, and CD’s
      • A wide selection of equipment
      • Bereavement Services; One-on-One, Group and Telephone Support

All we do is in strict confidence and FREE of charge.

Trained Visiting Volunteers
As of Summer, 2019 Niagara-on-the-Lake Community Palliative Care has over 30 trained volunteers. Before any active involvement with our clients, each volunteer must complete an interviewing process, take an approved 30 hour Palliative Care Volunteer Training Course, have a police check and be oriented to our Service. The importance of complete confidentiality is stressed to our volunteers.

Our visiting volunteers offer our clients emotional support, compassionate listening, companionship and caregiver relief in the community and in the 3 local long term care facilities. We have a Weekly Visiting Volunteer Program that sends at least one volunteer one morning each week to Chartwell Niagara, Heritage Place and Upper Canada Lodge. The volunteers have short visits with a number of our clients that need special attention on that day.

Lending Library
Our library, not only has an extensive book collection, but also offers many DVD’s and music CD’s for our clients’ enjoyment. The collection is divided into the following categories: Aids, Alternative Therapies, Bereavement, Cancer, Caregiving Information and Support, Children and Teens, Facing Illness, Humour, Medical and Nursing Information, Spiritual Support and Suicide.

Anyone in the Niagara-on-the-Lake area is welcome to borrow from the library. To access the library, call 905-468-4433 to arrange to meet a staff member at the office.

Equipment Lending
We have a wide variety of equipment that we either lend or give to our clients. We also give books to clients and families on such subjects as caring for the seriously ill at home, getting your affairs in order and grief and bereavement. We don’t expect the books back; we hope they will be passed on to someone else who might benefit from them.

For the equipment that is returned to us, we ask that after it’s used that it is cleaned before it comes back. For the lift/recliner chairs, Simpson’s Pharmacy located in Niagara on the Lake, delivers and picks them up for us for no cost to us or our clients. They also steam clean and sanitize the chair before it is delivered to a new client.

To arrange to lend from our library or borrow equipment call the office (905-468-4433) and talk to our Program Manager.

Bereavement Support
We offer 3 kinds of support after a loved one dies:
1. Phone Bereavement, when appropriate, is given for the year following a loved-one’s death. Calls are made to the grieving person at approximately 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12 month intervals.

2. Bereavement Support Groups are regularly scheduled throughout the year at our office. A trained facilitator conducts the group. Group subjects include, Coping With Loss, Memory Making, Legacy Work, and more.  We also have a follow up groups.

3. One on One Companionship  a volunteer will come along side you to offer support while your adjusting to the new loss. Volunteers can provide you with coping skills and guidance if necessary, should everyday things become overwhelming. Companions never tire of hearing your story.

Who can use our Service?
Any person who has a life-threatening illness and resides within the boundaries of the Town of Niagara-on-the-Lake is eligible for our Palliative Care Service, incl: NOTL Old Town, Queenston, Virgil and St.Davids.  Our Service is available to ALL regardless of their age, gender, national and ethnic origin, race, colour, language, religion, sexual orientation or family status. These criteria are reviewed as required by the NOTL CPCS Board.

How to Access our Service
A referral to The Niagara-on-the-Lake Community Palliative Care Service can be made by anyone: the person who is ill, the family, a physician, the Community Care Access Centre, a nurse or a friend. All that is needed is a call (905-468-4433) or email ( to our office. Be sure to leave a message if no one is there and it will be returned very quickly.

To receive our services a verbal consent must be given by the client and/or the family/caregiver/POA (Power of Attorney).

If the client is in the community when the referral is made, our Program Manager will contact the client and/or family to set up a time to meet to describe the services that are available and to help arrange suitable support from our Service.

If the client is in long term care facility when the referral is made, then the referral form is filled out by the appropriate staff member and faxed to our office. Our Program Manager goes to meet the client to assess what kind of help is needed and, when possible, gets in touch with a family member.

Referral Procedure for a Palliative Care Physician
To access the current palliative care doctors that serve NOTL, there must be a referral from another physician who is treating our client. Most physicians in the area have the proper referral form. If not, please call your case manager with LHIN or talk to our Program Manager.