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ART BEAT | Pet Loss Program

Art Beat Pet Loss Program

Honour Your Pet By Creating A Special Project Focused On Them.

Over a 2-week period, sessions will focus on special memories and the everyday life of you and your best friend.

This newly designed pet loss program focuses on individuals experiencing grief surrounding the loss of a beloved pet. Using art as a medium to reframe the narrative of loss, our specially trained volunteers will help facilitate individuals’ creative work and stories.

Workshops are free, and no experience is necessary.

The program runs continuously throughout the year and allows those grieving the loss of a pet to create a project honouring and memorializing them. Participants are encouraged to attend multiple sessions to work on their pet loss projects.

Pet Loss Grief Is Real

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The loss of a cherished pet can be as intense as when a significant person in our life passes on.

According to Scientific American, losing a pet is an emotionally devastating experience and can go on to impair our emotional and physical health. Yet, due to societal views and perceptions of pet loss, many people will not seek proper support after losing their pets.

“Recovering from pet loss, as in all forms of grief, requires us to recognize these changes and find ways to deal with them. We need to seek social support from people we know will understand and sympathize with our emotions and not judge us for them.”

Guy Winch, Scientific American, May 22, 2018
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You Are Not Alone

Pet loss support groups, such as Art Beat, are therefore vital in the bereavement process. These safe spaces allow us to remember and mourn our pets while creating lasting memorial projects that assist us in the healing process.

Sharing your feelings and memories is optional, as we understand that everyone’s comfort around pet loss is individual.

Program Details

At each Art Beat pet loss workshop, local artists will guide you through creating a unique and personalized project that memorializes your beloved pet.

Supplies are included; all you need to bring is yourself, photos, and any memorial items of your pet that you would like to use in the project.

You can register via email or phone if you would like to attend an Art Beat pet loss workshop. Additionally, visit our events page to see when the next available workshop is.

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